Expired Domains

I run a nightly script to give me a sorted list of expiring domains so that I can check them everyday. I am now sharing this information with the public at no charge. I make nothing from you registering these domains.

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If you read the Domain flipping guide you would know expired domains are a good way to make a few bucks. Every so often I will pick through a list of domains that are expiring soon and check their page ranking in Alexa. I like the Alexa traffic rank better than Google Page rank because they try to measure actual traffic instead of some complicated formula that in the end does not mean much.

When a domain expires it takes some time for it to become available for purchase, this is to allow companies who forgot to renew to recover the domain. Once the domain is available for purchase most domains of value are snapped up quickly. In most cases domains become available for purchase around 2pm EST on the Delete Date.

Often I only buy expired domains that I am interested in developing, but every now and then you will find one that has good resell value. DO NOT be affraid to buy these. You should be able to AT LEAST sell it for what you paid for it.

Here are a list of TLDs (extensions) that I am currently checking.

These pages may take some time to load depending on the amount of expiring domains